Sunday, July 02, 2006

Day 65 - Happy Birthday Brayana!!

Today my baby turns 10!

I remember 10 years ago today when she was born and I became a Mom.

She was a beautiful, tiny little thing but perfect none the less.

She was my saving grace and I can't imagine her not being in my life.

She is turning into a beautiful, smart young lady.
I got two calls from Rod today.

He called this morning to say hello and wish Brayana a Happy Birthday.

I let him know that a friend of ours was also in town.

He called me later to say that he had hooked up with the friend.

They were hanging out and staying out of trouble.

Glad that he has someone there to hang out with.
I took the kids to the beach again today.

We got there a little earlier but still later in the day after it had cooled off some.

Jaleel met a boy his age who lives close to us and his Dad is an MA as well.

They had a blast and we exchanged numbers.

Jaleel was excited that there was someone close who is his age and a boy.

He felt like he had hit the jackpot!!!!
I spoke with Makkiah's prek teacher for a while today and learned some interesting things.

One of his teachers (not the one that I was talking to) seemed to have a vindeta against Mak.

She wanted Mak kicked out of school and was upset that it didn't happen.

His nice teacher also went to bat many times when he was blamed for something that he didn't do. He generally got the blame because according to the other teacher "Makkiah is always the one who does it"

I'm just glad that he will be going to K next year although he LOVED his other teacher. It helped that she is a military wife who has a young child and a hubby on deployment and understand what Mak is going through with Dad being gone.

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Amah said...

Happy Birthday Naner!! Good Job Jay-man. Glad you made it thru Mak. Now, Mom!!! You knew she wasn't a nice person!!