Monday, July 10, 2006

Day 73

So much happened today!

First I sat Makkiah down to do his K workbook that I had recently bought him only to discover that he had finished the WHOLE thing!!

So it's on to a different one!

He just amazes me sometimes!!
Taniyah has learned to say her name!

You asked her what her name is and she says "tete"

It's SO cute!!
Went to pick up Ladaria from practice and headed home.

Was on the 94 freeway when my front passenger tire blew out.

Thankfully we have AAA so I called them.

Kristi was nice enough to come take the kids home for me while I waited for AAA.

An hour and 15 minutes later the tow truck got there.

Put the spare on, let the jack down, and pppppppppppppppppppppppffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!

The spare had a hole in it and the air came out of it as well!!

So he towed it to Sam's Club and thankfully Kristi came back to stay with me until the driver came so she gave me a ride home.

Will get the tire fixed tomorrow.

Taniyah was the only one that I kept since there wasn't room in Kristi's van for her seat.

So when I got home to feed her dinner she did this:

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Amah said...

Hope today works out better for you than yesterday!! Not much fun sitting around waiting for AAA. We will be there tonight. Papa rented a car so you don't have to come drag us around :) Kiss the kids for me.