Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Day 67 Happy 4th of July!!

Today was a LONG day!!

We moved everything off the floor in the kitchen to prepare for tomorrow.

Vaccumed and scraped around the edges of the floor.

Finished 3 loads of laundry.

Headed off to the store to get stuff for the beach.

Came home and packed the cooler for the beach - chicken, chips, apples, jerky, juice, water, gatorade, and crackers. Beach towels, toys, sun shade, swimsuit, extra clothes, sweatshirts, sandals.

Loaded up the van and headed to the beach with great timing.

Loads of people were leaving the beach to go see the fireworks elsewhere.

Good, gave us a front row parking spot!!

The kids ate and played in the water until about 8:15 then got showered and changed just in time for the foreworks to start.

It was awesome - we could see 10 shows - up close!!

There were so many it was hard to see them all!! Two of the sets were in sync.

Fireworks finished at 9:30pm, we packed up and headed off to home.

Or we attempted to head off to home!!

Some teens had been pulled over on the bridge, 2 cars, 3 police cars and backed up traffic.

At 11pm when we finally got past them it was smooth sailing and we got home quickly.

I got to talk to Rod again today also!! That's always a nice bonus.

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Amah said...

Them teens will do it every time!! Try to ruin a perfectly good day!! Glad the kids had so much fun - bet they slept like logs too!!