Friday, July 14, 2006

Day 76 - Picture Day

Ok I'm a little late for her birthday but she is still one so they still qualify!!

Ahma, Ladaria and I took Taniyah to get them done.

Ahma ended up doing the session while Ladaria and I hid out in the front.

I think she did better with Ahma in there even though it was still HARD to get her to smile!

Here are all the pictures that they took.

And here are all the photos that I photoshopped and I will add to it as I do pictures.

Yes I did buy the CD so I have a legal right to them!

This is my FAVORITE picture out of them all.

If you click on the pics it will take you to the two slideshows.


Amah said...

That was great fun. We had a good time while you were waiting -then shopping while you were choosing!!

Amah said...

Shopping with you never ceases to amaze me!! Watching you take pictures of TeeTee playing with the ball on the end of a rack. She shouldn't be camera shy at all!!

Sharen & Mitch said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures! She is so serious looking! I liked the princess one where she looks a bit shy but not so serious. I enjoyed them all!