Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 81! 17 Left

Today we went to the zoo with some other Navy wives.

Click picture for slide show

It was a lot of fun even though it was hot.

We stayed for a couple of hours and then had lunch.

When the pregnant Mommies got whoozy from the heat we all headed home. I was a good excuse to leave!!

My internet comes and goes - when it rains, when the wind blows, when it's hot, when someone sneezes, etc. Well I got home from the zoo today, no internet AGAIN. I wanted to upload my pictures but I couldn't SO I call AT&T again. This is the 5th time I've called since Rod left and I don't call everytime my DSL goes down.

The tech tells me that I should be on fiber optic instead of copper. Well I had no internet in Dec for 3 weeks because I was SUPPOSED to be switched to fiber optic. I WASN'T!!! He tells me I have two options 1)Use dial up for 2 weeks and get switched to fiber optic or 2)Wait until the maintenance tech can come out on Sat to see if they can fix it AGAIN BUT there really is nothing to fix as the signal SUCKS! He told me that I'm well beyond the cut off for service and they shouldn't have given it to me to begin with. He also tells me that I should be getting credit on my bill for the intermitent service that I've been getting.

SO I call the billing office where they tell me that I have two options 1)cancel my DSL, wait 2-3 weeks with NO service (this includes dial up). They won't charge me the early termination fee as long as I resubscribe within 30days with a new 12 month contract at TWICE the price that I pay now OR 2) I can suck it up for another month, change providers, and then dispute the charges! Another month of service that SUCKS! and doesn't work half the time.

Does anybody else see a problem with this? He is talking to a woman whose husband has been gone on deplyment for 4 months and the ONLY contact that I have with him is E-MAIL, which I can't access.

I also went to the Homecoming and Reunion brief so now i know the specifics of the ship coming home. It's starting to feel more real!!


Amah said...

Looks like Naner got her turn in the spotlight. Look at her up in that tree!!! Your token tom-boy!!

Sharen & Mitch said...

Reptiles caught your eye this day, huh? Mitch loves reptiles and will enjoy your pictures!

The zoo is so fun, I love it!

Aunt Sharen