Saturday, July 29, 2006

Day 92!! 6 Days LEFT!!

Today was a long, busy day!

Started out the day with Coco going back and forth between a closed box and the closet.

I think she was trying to tell me to "Fix the stupid box and put the darn thing in the closet!'

So I did just that.

Put the sides up and a sheet over the top and stuck it in the closet.

She immediately got in and scratched and scooted, and dug and laid, and just tried to do whatever it was she was trying to do!

Then Mom and I went to Curves and worked out.

I'd never been there before and it was fun!

I did the full work out and it didn't hurt to bad - hehe!!

After that we stopped at the thrift store and I found an almost brand new pair of shoes for $2.99!! Also got Jaleel a pair of shoes and Makkiah some rollerblades.

Headed over to the church to help take down the decorations from my classroom.

Not very many people showed up to help which was kind of disappointing but it all got done!

Came home and fed the kids lunch before heading off to make homecoming banners.

We made the banners to hang at the pier and on the walking bridge as you leave the base.

Had fun but got burned.

Here's me painting banners:

I painted the flag, hearts, stars and some of the letters.

I got burned and it was overcast!

Then I headed off to pick up Ladaria from a pool party.

Acquired three other girls that I took to their respective homes.

Off to Walmart to get kitty litter and butter.

Came home and did some work for Children's ministry.

Then I went to check on my Momma.

I'd only seen her out once during the day and wondered if she was back in her box.

She was with THREE brand new babies!!

I left her and went back an hour later and another baby.

So far we have 2 grey and 2 black babies.

Here's a slide show with a few pictures:

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