Saturday, July 15, 2006


Today is Rod's 30th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom and I put together a birthday box and shipped it off for him.

We put in some cupcakes, a #30 candle, plates & napkins, balloons, and some decorations.

Then we added a 30 SUCKS sucker and some Old Geezer playing cards as a joke!

Added a t-shirt, a calendar with family pictures including Rod & I, his parents, my parents, the kids, the ACTION team, and a few family vacation photos, a cup with a family picture on it, an MP3 player that I had loaded songs onto for him, and SNACKS.

Out on the boat you don't have much variety in the snacks so I always send snacks in his packages.

He got the box a couple of days ago but was waiting until today to have his cupcakes and such.

On the homefront it was a busy day.

Got up this morning and cut the pieces to go under the cabinets.

Didn't glue them yet but they are cut to fit.

Then Mom and I headed to Home Depot to get moulding for the doors and baseboards.

I forgot my wallet in the other van so I owe Mom big time!!!

Came home and unloaded and got everyone ready to head off to Erin & Tom's going away party.

They are headed off to Washington soon and we wanted to go and wish them well.

We were there for the rest of the day and the kids swam and just had fun.

I took a few pictures and wanted to share them.

You can click on the picture to go to the slideshow.


Amah said...

The MRI went as easy as they go. I prefer the open ones. Glad everyone had a good time. I know they were all tired when they got home!! They went straight to bed! Erin has been around their "whole lives" it seems.

Amah said...

OH, Happy Birthday Rod. Glad to hear you liked the MP3 player. Your wife and I agonized several times over which kind to get - especially since I know nothing about them!!