Friday, July 14, 2006

Day 77

Started the day off early by going up on the roof and putting up tinting on the windows.

The windows into our kitchen make it HOT!!

SO to remedy that we put up smoke colored, glare cutting tint.

Sure made a big difference on the temperature in the kitchen this afternoon.

After we finished the tint I replaced the border in the kitchen that was coming off.

Hopefully this time it stays up a bit better.

Next on the list - putting up the border in Taniyah's bathroom.

Ladaria found it on sale when we went to Walmart for $5 and it matched perfect.

Looks much nicer in that bathroom.

Then it was on to moving the stuff upstairs over against the wall and covering it up.

It had been moved so that the house could be painted and had never been moved back.

I really need to get up there and go through that stuff.

Then I edged the corners and the edges of the walls in the kitchen bathroom.

Next I need to edge the ceiling in the bathroom and the hallway so that I can make it all one white color.

By that point it was so hot that I had to just hang out for a little while and cool off.

Mom went to her doctors appt and we chilled in the house where it was nice and cool thanks to the A/C.

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Amah said...

Boy oh boy OWE is right!! But we "got 'er done"!! Everything is coming together really well. Rod will be pleased when he gets home!!