Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Day 88!! 10 days left!!!!

We'll be heading into the single digits soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today Ladaria babysat for our old church so I took the kids to the park and cleaned out the van.

After that I took some pictures of the kids and played around some after I got home.

My first attempt at photoshopping items out of a picture:

Can you name the differences? It was fun to do.

Then I took some pictures and made a photo collage:

Taught Vacation Bible School. Dressed up like Queen Esther and did a cartwheel for the first time in years!! The cartwheel had nothing to do with the story, just entertaining the kids until dinner came!


Amah said...

You did a cartwheel dressed like Queen Esther? Boy, that must've been something to watch hehe I can name some differences but I'd do better if they were side by side.

Sharen & Mitch said...

You cut the swing out and switched Tanayah to the left side of the picure? You are getting good at this stuff! I like the collage. I need to do a few of those. What program are you using?

Love ya, Aunt Sharen