Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Day 82! 16 Days left

Today I took Makkiah in for his appointment at the Ear, nose and throat (ENT) clinic.

He's been there many times before to see Dr. B. Dr B knew exactly who he was when he came into the room!! Tells you how many times we've been there.

He looked at Mak's neck and said "Let's schedule him for surgery".

Up to this point Mak has done well in dodging the surgery bullet but not this time.

So he's scheduled to go in and get this mass removed from his neck on August 28th.

Dr B thinks that it just some saliva glands that were misplaced but he will be sending it off to pathology to make sure that it's nothing serious.

Thankfully Rod will be back by then and the kids will all be in school. I have someone already scheduled to watch Taniyah for me that day as well.

The bad thing is that it's the Monday after school starts so Mak will start off missing school for this surgery.

The kid just can't get a break!

On a happier note I took a few pics of Taniyah sleeping and thought that I would share. No one else was asleep when I got the camera out or I would have taken their pics as well!!

Doesn't she look so sweet?


Amah said...

She always does!!! And I can see by your Flickr that you've been playing with your Photoshop. Good work!! See you next Thursday

Kim said...

She's a little angel S'te! Just wanted to let you know I've been enjoying reading about all your hard work. YOU GO GIRL! I feel like a lazy sloth after visiting here. lol

I love seeing one less day on your post titles. I'm so excited for you to have Rod home!!!!