Friday, June 30, 2006

Day 63

The day started out at 5:30 this morning.

I had to have Makkiah to the doctor by 7:15 this morning.

He still weighs 39 pounds and we are going to leave him off his ADHD med until school starts to see if he picks up any weight.

Dr wants to see him back before school to check his weight.

He is also going to send Mak to the peds ENT for the thing on his neck. Dr thinks it might be a tract in his neck like some people have on their tailbone. He thinks that the tract might be getting infected and that's what is causing the pimple looking thing on Mak's neck.

After the dr we headed off to find curtains. We finally found some white curtains to put in Mak's room that go really well with his walls.

Then we stopped at the flooring place and I accomplished more in one day than I did with the previous place. Needless to say I'm going with the new place and I should have the new floor in the kitchen by next Friday!!

Came home and the roofers were here. They had loaded all the materials yesterday and got started on it this afternoon. They will be back either today or Monday to finish!!

Rod also called me as he is within cell phone range. I was pleasantly suprised to see Rod cell on my phone. Unfortuanetly I was talking to the flooring guy and couldn't stay on the phone long. I felt so bad but I needed to get home since I knew that the roofers were there since Ladaria had called right before Rod to tell me that they were early.

So I came home- hung Mak's curtains, peeled paint off the door so that I can repaint it, hung 4 shelves and put up Taniyah's fan. Her room stays much cooler with the fan and the light makes it seem much brighter than the other light.

So another productive day!!

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