Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Day 54-VTC Day!!


I can't believe it's been 54 full days that Rod has been gone.

I can't wait for him to get back home!!

Today we got to go do another VTC.

It was so good to see him.

All the kids were so excited to see him, they all were trying to talk at once, getting mad that they coudl do it and they hadn't had a turn yet and wanted to tell Dad their whole life story since he's left.

It just doesn't work when you have 7 people and 30 minutes.

I'm so glad that I got to do one by myself (well I had the youngest two but they were quickly drawn to other things in the room!).

Then I headed back to the dentist.

Tyreque had his cleaning with no cavities.

Bray and Mak got thier fillings done so I'm finished again for 6 months!

We raked all the straw out of the yard so it's strawless now.

Don't know that I can say much more for it!!

We have about half of the new flowerbed done.

It will nicely cover the gap in the fence between our yard and the neighbors.

Should be able to get it done within the next few days.

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Amah said...

Hopefully it will. If it cools off in the evening like it has been it'll get finished. The yard is looking so much better than it did - you should be very encouraged. You have been very very busy over the last 2 years and accomplished much with the house and the children. Love, MOM