Friday, June 09, 2006

Day 41 - Awards

Today was the monthly awards assembly at the elementary school.

Brayana got an award for
perseverance. She didn't think that she was going to get an award this year. She has done really well but had not recieved and award and was upset. She was really happy that she got one today.

Destini also got an award for
perseverance. She also got a thank you certificate for working in the cafeteria during the year. She only worked in there so that she could get free snacks!! But hey she helped, without whining!!

After the awards assembly I went and got my haircut. I love it. It's right above my shoulders and layered. Really brings out the natural wave in my hair and is much lighter and easier to take care of.

Poppa cut the plywood to go into the new access hole in the ceiling. Now I just need to paint and it will look like it always belonged there!

Mom took her nighttime pills in the morning instead of her daytime ones so she dozed most of the day - OOPS!!!


Kim said...

A picture of you. I don't think I've ever seen your picture before. It's nice to put a face to a name. I like the haircut.

Congrats to the kids on the awards.

chel said...

Your hair looks great! Nothing like a good hair cut to put ya in a good mood I always say:-)