Thursday, June 22, 2006

Day 55- Projects and patience!!

I actually got something accomplished today!!

First I got a phone call from PCO saying that I had been referred to the PQR board due to the number of children in my home and Rod being gone.

I know that I've heard those words before and I'm SO tired of that social worker!

I will NEVER take any of her kids again!!

How can someone come to my home one time and determine that I'm overwhelmed and have to many kids?!

She has an obvious prejudice and I hope that she is dealt with accordingly.

So now I'm on hold until at least July 5th when the board meets.

They will decide if they want to meet with me or not.

After that I started scraping the paint off of Mak's wall.

Somehow that turned into pulling the tile out of the hallway.

I wasn't sure what I was going to find underneath but was pleasantly suprised when I found hardwood floors.

They need to be redone but they were a nice thing to find under there.

Taniyah wouldn't walk on them at first, but quickly decided that they were ok!

Then I called the criminal psychic.

She gave us some information, some that we hadn't thought of in a while but was pretty accurate, other info that was new.

I'm not going to put that info on here as I gave the info to the detective and don't want to mess anything up.

Hoping to get more work done this weekend but it's supposed to be in the triple digits - YIKES!!

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Amah said...

The floor will look good when it's all cleaned up. Some SW's need to have a job in Iraq instead of with our children. They cause more disruptions than the kids!!