Monday, June 05, 2006

Day 37- Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!

Today I turned 29!

For a few weeks I'm the same age as Rod.

Then he will turn 30!

Yes I will be 30 next year but he is 30 first - HEHE!!!

My Mom gave me a coffee cup with the kids picture on it.

I love it!!

Then I got cake and ice cream - Thank you Poppa for going to the store to get me a cake!!

After cake and ice cream Mom gave me a beautiful bracelet.

It has the words - loving, daughter, forever on beads with some white and pink beads.

It really is beautiful!!

I also got a call from Rod and he told me Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is my VTC with him!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited!!

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Amah said...

Happy Birthday to my Baby!! You can't have any more 'cause I don't want to get any older!! i'm glad you liked your gifts. That makes me happy!! :-)