Saturday, June 17, 2006

Day 50!! Happy Birthday Destini!!!

Today Destini turns 9 years old!!

Instead of doing a big party this year I am taking the birthday child and 2 friends out to lunch.

Destini invited two girls from her class to go to the Home Town Buffet.

They were also invited to go see the movie The Wild with us.

Three girls who think they are teenagers but are only 9 was more than interesting!

Destini opened presents and they played for a little while before heading off to lunch.

At lunch they ate lots of ice cream and french fries.

Then we came home and waited for the movie.

After having them unlock the door and telling them that they needed to dance with ALL of their clothes on I decided that we should head for the movies.

The two girls decided that they were going to go put on makeup in the bathroom instead of watching the movie.

I had to go herd them back inside and let them know that I would take them home before the movie was over.

They decided that they would like to watch the movie instead.

After the movie they wanted to know if they could stay longer and play.

My response "Sure, until your Mom's come to pick you up at the scheduled time!!"

I was ready for them to go home!

I sure hope my kids don't act like that when they go somewhere.

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Amah said...

But you know deep in your heart - that they do!! They all do. The pre-teen years are hard on everyone!!