Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Day 60!!!!

I've made it 60 days without my hubby home.

I'm still in one piece and so are all of my children!

So much has changed in the last 60 days and yet so much has stayed the same.

Things in the house are coming along well, changing and improving.

We are two children less than we were 2 months ago.

The kids are out of school, Makkiah is looking forward to starting kindergarten and Ladaria is looking forward to high school.
Today I finished texturing the wall in Makkiah's room.

It's now ready for primer and then to paint.

I have the border that I'm going to use picked out for in there and now to get it .

By the time I got that done and the house picked up it was time to take Tyreque out to lunch for his birthday.

He invited his friend Spence to go with us to Red Lobster.

It was so cute watching them learn how to eat crab legs and lobster tail!

We had a great time and the two teenage boys were behaved so much better than the three girls I took out for Destini's birthday.
I also started a new discipline chart system.

We used to do one a few years ago until we ran into some problems with a social worker.

It really worked well for us and now that I think about it I'm disappointed that we stopped using it.

We allowed the fear from this particular person to rule our home and it really had a huge impact on our children.

Yesterday I made up a temporary chart and this morning the new chart was hanging in the hallway ready to go.

I think that today was a much better, calmer day than we've had in a long time.

People thought about how they spoke to others so they wouldn't move down on the chart and lose priveleges.

I still have a few things to figure out with it but it is working already.

Makkiah had an EXCELLENT day and stayed at the TOP of the chart ALL day!!

Yesterday was a little rough with him but I think he's realizing that he's not in charge and it has really helped him out.

I'll try to keep up with our progress with the new system on here so people know how we are doing.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are mine... you are great and you know how to handle them kids. Great job.
The best husband in the world.


Amah said...

The chart has been an amazing addition!! It sure makes them think!! Today is my last day here for awhile - so I'll see how it goes when we get back!! I'm sure by then the kids will "do better" without even thinking about it. Great idea!!