Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 59!!-Happy 16th Birthday Tyreque!!

Today Tyreque turns 16!!

He's growing up to fast and is doing great.

He's in that limbo area between not quite an adult and not quite a kid anymore.

He's a good kid though.

He spends the majority of his time at home.

He's not into drugs, girls or fast cars.

He doesn't do all the things that so many teens get in trouble for these days.

He does have his good days and his bad days but I'm glad that he chooses to have them here - at home - where I know that he is safe.

He was 8 years old when we first met him so we've now had him half of his life.

Hopefully we've had a good impact on him and helped him to travel a road that he otherwise wouldn't have chosen.

Tomorrow I am taking him out to lunch.

He wants to go to Red Lobster!!

Should be fun!

As the days go up the countdown gets lower!!

It's been 2 full months since Rod left.

2 busy months!

I've gotten a lot accomplished in the last two months and I can't wait for Rod to get home to see all of my projects!!

Got a call today from Rod's mom.

She just wanted to check on us and see how Rod has been doing.

She's doing well but didn't talk for long as it was late there and she was headed to bed.

That's what happens with a 3 hour time difference!

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