Sunday, June 25, 2006

Day 58 - New flowerbed

Today was HOT!

The wind was even hot.

During the hot part if the day I textured Mak's wall.

I think it's going to look much better when it's done.

I've had the paint for his room but needed to redo this wall before I can paint it so that's almost done.

After it cooled of some I went out and finished the new flowerbed.

It covers the space between the yard and the nieghbors fence.

We could only get 10 blocks at a time so it too several days to get all the bricks that we needed for it.

I got it finished and filled with dirt.

Planted a hibiscus and transferred some rosebushes and some other flower that was growing in the yard into the bed.

I have to say that it looks much better than the gap that was there.

The front yard is almost finished.


chel said...

looks great S'te. Keep up the god work:-)

chel said...

oops, I ment GOOD work, lol.