Friday, June 23, 2006

Day 56-Lights (well some anyway!)

Today I got to work in the crawl space above the house.

We had some lights that weren't working so I crawled up there, along with my trusty helper Brayana and Mom down below to flip switches.

After a trip to the store to get a flashlight and a junction box I was able to get the lights in Makkiah's room to work.

I may have also figured out why the freezer is shocking people.

There is a wire coming from the outlet into the attic that just ends.

It's not capped or anything.

By the time I got that done it was to hot to do anything else up there so I had to come down.

More on that tomorrow.

Then I went in to scrape more paint off the wall in Mak's room.

I think I have all the flaking stuff off and will be able to retexture that wall soon.

Got it all cleaned up, showered since I was dusty and then I relaxed!

Here are some pictures that Rod sent me from WOG day on the ship.

WOG day is the day that the ship crosses over the equator.

All the people who haven't yet crossed the equator are called "pollywogs" and those who have crossed are called "shellbacks".

The day goes back to the story of King Neptune.

It's all a day of fun (at least the shellbacks think so!)

At the end of the day they throw their clothes overboard and have swimcall.

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Amah said...

And you know this because???? I know you never went to sea during your career in the Navy. So in a lawyers terms - "Heresay not fact!" Glad more lights are working.