Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Day 45 - Floors

Tyreque pulled out all the tile from the kitchen.

It was put in about 2 years ago but it was defective.

It cracked and we are starting to have pieces missing in the tile so it really needed to be redone.

The neighbor has a roll-off bin and said that we could put the tile in there.

That means that we get to dispose of it for free.

Mom and I went to Carpeteria and picked out vinyl.

Rod and I had discussed putting in vinyl that looked like wood floor.

The guy at the store suggested against it since we have so much wood already in the kitchen.

He said that it would clash so instead I picked out a vinyl that looks like tile.

It's a similar color to what we pulled out but it won't crack and break.

It should be easier to keep clean as well.

There was mildew under the tile where it was cracked and had gotten wet.

Luckily there was a moisture barried between the subfloor and the tile so the subfloor is fine.

They are coming on Friday to measure for it and it should be installed next week.


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Amah said...

Yeah - and after I spent all that time on the floor cleaning it!! I know it will look nice - and in one piece :-) - when it gets done!