Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Day 53- Dentist

Well, it was dentist day today.

I left baby Vinnie and Taniyah home with Ahma and Poppa.

Tyreque was in school so I took the other 5 kids to the dentist.

3 of them had great check ups.

2 of them had a total of 5 cavities (although small ones) and will be going back tomorrow when Tyreque has his appt.

Then I took the kids shopping at Walmart so they could spend mre of their gift cards from Grandma Bernice.

Three of the kids still have money on their cards and the other four have spent all their money.

Can't believe how long it takes them to shop for nothing.

Up and down the aisles, back and forth, up and down and they end up with, well, nothing really!

A pair of sunglasses that cosst 88cents, an ice cream, and some army men. Ladaria bought a CD player with some of her money but still has most of her card left!

By the time they get all of their cards spent it will be time for Christmas again!!

1 comment:

Amah said...

Who bought the pools. Maybe if you made them "pool" their money you wouldn't have to go back again!! HEHEHEHE