Thursday, May 31, 2007

34 weeks


We need one more week and we are in the "safe" zone.

I had my follow up ultrasound today.

The right foot looks normal and she gave me a picture of it.
The left foot was "in a funny position" and she said it could possibly be clubbed or it could just be the position. She said that we won't know until the baby is born and then it will be obvious.
She had a hard time getting a good picture of the head because it's so far down. She was able to get a pretty good picture of the baby's face. The left ventricle was still dialated and it's being called borderline hydrocephalis. The baby will have to have a head CT done before leaving the hospital to follow up on it.
I also did my weekly NST today and got done much quicker than last week. Baby was moving all over the place. I was the last one into the NST room and the first one out. Last week people came and went and there I sat.
And as an added bonus here is Tete checking out the baby.


NannyOgg said...

You look wonderful!

Only a few more weeks and you'll holding that little one.

I know Jody from 'And baby makes six' has experience with club foot, you might want to contact her.


Amah said...

Just waiting for Baby. Tetee is doing quite the job - Wonder how jealous she will be :) hehe

Marsha said...

Yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait...and well, TeTe is going to try to be the mommy of the new baby.

Sharen said...

I've been catching up on all your posts this evening and realize that you should now be in the "safe zone" - YOU MADE IT! Yeah! Now lets see how close to the due date you can get!

So glad you have been posting pictures and updates! Thank you!'

Love, Aunt Sharen