Thursday, May 10, 2007

I fought the fence

and the fence won!

Jaleel was pushing Makkiah down the neighbors driveway on the power wheels four wheeler.
Well the driveway is to steep and the four wheeler has no brakes and Makkiah's legs are not long enough to stop himself.
He hit the fence with his face.
The fence has screws coming from the other side where they screwed lattice to their side of the fence.

Makkiah now has "screw treads" on his face.

Pray that it doesn't get infected as it could put his surgery off.

UPDATE: He also seems to have gotten his eye somehow. We are watching it closely to see if we need to take him in for an appt.


Amah said...

Poor guy. He just has one thing right after another. He has been content to sit and snuggle tho'. I like that~~

uncle will said...