Saturday, May 05, 2007

Progress is being made

We started out with chainlink fence in the front yard. I've been wanting to change it over to wood for a while now. We've planted several things on the front fence. Most of them have died because the fence gets to hot. Two of them have survived and were really starting to intertwine in the fence so I decided that we need to pull the chainlink down. I didn't want to kill the plants by letting them grow another season so I took the fence down. I figured that would commit us to doing it.

It all got removed along with the gates that didn't work right. Amah and Poppa tried to fix the gates everytime they came out but they were not made correctly so there was only so much fixing that could be done. This morning we started out with just the posts. We left them since they are metal and in the concrete.

We went out to get started and realized that we didn't have the right screws to go through the wood and into the metal posts. We also needed more 16 foot 2x4's so we made a trip to HD.
Came home and got started. While Rod and I worked on the fence - Makkiah cleaned his room, Jaleel worked on the back porch, Destini cleaned the living room, Brayana worked on the library, Raquel and Ladaria scrubbed and scraped the ceiling in the bathroom and library so it can be repainted and they cleaned the hall closets, Tyreque worked on the upstairs porch which had been abandoned several months ago. Everyone got a lot accomplished.
After they were done with their jobs they all joined us outside to work on the fence, wrestle, and clean up. Brayana took apart the green swing that someone was going to come pick up but never showed up to get.
By the end of the day we got over halfway done and we ran out of pickets. Ladaria, Raquel and I made a trip to HD to get more pickets while Rod spackled the spots that needed it on the ceilings so that it can get painted. Tomorrow we will finish the fence and hopefully the gates.

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Amah said...

That looks so nice!! I was never a big fan of chain link anyhow. It is "industrial" looking. THe pickets look much better!! Kids - Good work on getting so much accomplished!! You are so helpful!! Love MOM/Amah