Sunday, May 06, 2007

More progress

This morning we got up and went to church which is our normal Sunday morning routine. I taught this morning and had ten kids so stayed pretty busy.

After church Rod and I headed to HD to get more joint compound and paint for the library. We also picked up a rug for the living room and one for the library.

The living room rug will tie the furniture all together and protect the carpet. The one in the library will give the kids something to lay on to read books in there and also cover the ugly yellow tile that eventually will come out.

We picked a light green color for the library (much to Rod's hesitation) and Tyreque painted the entire room. After we get it all put back together I will take pictures. We also hung king sized flat sheets on the two walls that REALLY need to be redrywalled. We haven't had the ability to redo them but the sheets look MUCH better than the blankets I had hanging on the wall before.

Ladaria, Raquel and I got the rest of the pickets put up on the fence and Rod set the bolts for the gate post brackets. Tomorrow we will be able to put the posts in. Then we will be able to measure to make new working gates.

Rod got the hole in the kids bathroom fixed. He had to cut out and replace the drywall but it looks much better than it did. Now the kids bathroom just needs to be painted. That didn't get done today since the joint compound has to dry first.

The water damage in the library (on the ceiling and near the sliding glass door) was fixed yesterday so it got primed today. The ceiling in the library got painted as well today. It's all starting to come together - one piece at a time.

Destini and Brayana folded a bunch of laundry and put it away. Jaleel helped wherever we needed him to go and help.

I was going to cut the molding for the bathroom in the kitchen but have to fix the saw as it wasn't adjusting right. That's ok. I'm tired and I think everyone else is as well.


Amah said...

Sounds like A LOT OF WORK got done over the last few days. Nesting pretty good huh~~~ hehe.

Looks great. I probably won't even recognise the place when I get there on Thursday!! Love MOM

Anonymous said...

looking good papa