Thursday, May 17, 2007

Master craftsmanship

Tonight I had a support group meeting that I had to run so I headed off to do that.
My Mom volunteered to take the elementary kids to the Open House at the school since it intereferred with my meeting time.
She took them to the art show and saw all of the art set out.
Then she took them through the pizza line.
They asked her how many people there were and she said 9 so they gave her two boxes of pizza :giggle
Then they headed off to the classrooms.
Since it's Open House all of the classes do "special projects"
And the first stop of the evening is Jaleel's class
His seat is three places from the door and proudly displayed on his desk are his Indian mask and his totem pole.
The teacher explain what meticulous craftsmanship went into Jaleel's work all the while my Mom is trying to keep a straight face.
She says I set her up but I'm totally innocent
So my Mom goes to Destini's class and sees hers
And then she goes to Brayana's class to see hers
Then a stop at Makkiah's class to see his
And she got to carry Jaleel's artwork through them all.

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Amah said...

You did set me up!!! We had a great time at the open house - the kids all worked really hard on their projects - and are sooo very proud of them!!! Especially Jaleel. His teacher made such a great speach regarding the craftmanship it took to make the mask's beak sturdy enough to make it thru the firing process. I made it thru the whole thing without laughing - I didn't breathe either tho'!! :)