Saturday, May 19, 2007

Busy Day

We started out the morning by going on a tour of Juvenile Detention. There was an Open House and we thought it would be educational to take the kids through it. Not that we are worried about them getting trouble as they are all good kids but it was very informative.

They split the kids and parents up and have the kids walk just like they would if they were there for real. Shirts tucked in, pants up, mouths closed, and hands in armpits with thumbs showing.

After we left there we headed to a birthday party for a friends son. It was fun. The kids jumped in the bouncehouse, Rod took pictures and I hung out and talked with friends. We were there for a few hours, had pizza and cake, watched him open gifts and then it was time to move on to the next activity.

After the birthday party we went to Faith Community's Fun Fest. It's a fundraiser that was started a few years ago while we were still attending church there. We've continued to go each year and the Action team presents there each year. I spent most of the time sitting as I was running out of energy and not feeling to well.
On our way home from there Mom took us out to HomeTown Buffet for dinner. It was yummy but I didn't eat much as I wasn't feeling and was tired. It was a long busy day but I think everyone had lots of fun.

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Amah said...

I had fun there too - even tho' I only did the fun fest thing - since Papa was helping Mr. Tim move furniture!!