Thursday, May 24, 2007

Speech contest

For the last six weeks or so Brayana, Destini, Jaleel and Makkiah have been going to Reading Club at the Rec Center.

They really enjoyed Math Club and were excited to go to Reading Club.

One of the things that they do each day of Math and Reading Club is practice public speaking. At the end of Math and Reading Club they have a Speech Contest.

There is always excitement about this as well since the first five places earn cash prizes.

Each grade competes against each other on Wed and on Thursday they get their certificates and find out who won.

Brayana won 3rd place and $5 in the 5th grade category.

Destini won 2nd place and $10 in the 4th grade category.

Jaleel won 4th place and $3 in the 3rd grade category.

Makkiah won 5th place and $2 in the 1st grade category. Reading Club is for 1-6 grade and he is in Kindergarten but is an advanced reader and was allowed to participate with the 1st graders.

They all had fun and worked hard and learned at the same time. That's the way we like to do it!!

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Amah said...

Kiah looks soooo funny with his nose cap on!! I'm glad they all won awards - they worked hard on their speeches. And I am so glad that you are so able in getting them all to all the activities they go to. A few days of them - and I'm so totally worn out!!!

Hope teh Baby waits until I've recovered to put you back out of commission!!