Thursday, May 03, 2007

30 weeks

30 weeks
I don't feel like I'm any bigger than I was before.
Tomorrow I will have officially 9 weeks 6 days left till my due date.
It will be 68 days until my due date!!
My husband is out of the yards and starts his work up schedule.
Between now and June 20th I think he'll be home less than 2 weeks.
My Mom comes into town next week for 10 days.
Then she comes back the same day as Rod in June.
Marsha is on standby baby watch and is ready at a moments notice.
I had my three hour glucose done but haven't heard the results.
As far as I'm concerned - no news is good news.
My next appointment is in two weeks.
I'll get all my preadmission paperwork and I'll start carrying my chart.

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Amah said...

Smile ~~ it's almost over!! Again - you won't have to go thru the hottest part of summer before the baby!! I hope you continue to get no news!! Make sure Marsha has our numbers on her speed dial - I won't be far and can get there quick!!

Look forward to seeing you!!

Love, MOM