Wednesday, May 23, 2007

L&D and Perinatal floor

Friday I went to my midwife appt. I hadn't been feeling well for several days. Crampy, naseous, and just plain yucky. The midwife checked me and I was 1.5 cm/ -2 station/ medium/ thick. She told me that she wanted me to come in Sunday night to be rechecked on the labor deck.

Sunday I went to the labor deck to be rechecked. I still wasn't feeling very good but didn't really think that I was having contractions.

They put me on the monitor and the midwife rechecked me. I was 2cm/-2 station/50% effaced/soft so things were changing. They did a Fetal Fibronectin Test and decided that they were going to admit me for steroids and fluids so they moved me to a labor room.

The FFN test came back positive so they then decided that they were going to give me magnesium sulfate to stop contractions and allow the steroids time to work. I got a shot of steroids Sunday night and another Monday night.

On Monday I had several visitors - Marsha and Deason Hayes both came up and sat with me while I nodded between sleep and wake. Mom came up later in the evening with a toothbrush so I could brush my teeth, hairbands and hairbrush which felt so nice and peppermints which helped the HORRIBLE heartburn that I got. I was miserable since I couldn't eat and the heartburn stuff that they were giving me was not helping so much. Mom spent the time rinsing out cold washclothes and putting on my face which took some of the burn off of my skin. Did I mention that I was HOT? Everyone else who came into my room was freezing.

On Monday night they lowered my dose of magnesium and moved me from L&D over to the Perinatal floor where the high risk mommas are. The room their was much nicer with lots of room, a tv and a FAN!! The medication made me REALLY hot so the fan was wonderful.

Tuesday they stopped the magnesium and continued to monitor me for contractions. I was still having occassional ctx's and the baby had one decel but other than that things were looking good.

Wed morning when the doctor came in I asked about going home. The dr told me t hat I had to stay for 48 hours after they stopped the mag so they would try to get me out by 7:30 Thursday morning since Mak was having surgery. That morning Mom brought Taniyah in to see me since I hadn't seen her since Sunday. She wasn't to sure about everything but came and cuddled with me on the bed anyway.

Mom and Tete left to go home and the dr came back in. She decided that she would let me go home since I had been stable even though I had only been off the mag for 30 hours. She wanted me to be there for Mak's surgery and said that it was a big deciding factor. I almost beat Mom and Tete home. They stopped to do some shopping and we pulled in right behind them.

So for now I get to be home. I go back in on Friday for a nonstress test. Hopefully all goes well with that and I get to come home afterwards. Four days up there was plenty for me.

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Amah said...

And it's wonderful to have you home!! The kids worked together and were great for me during you "incarceration"!!!