Monday, May 07, 2007

The bathroom sink

Before Poppa came on his last trip I decided to switch out the sink and cabinet in the kids bathroom.

The old one was NASTY and I was tired of looking at it. I went to HD and bought a pretty new cabinet and sink.

Brought it home. Had Rod turn off the water before he left on his trip.

A few days later I had Brayana and Destini demolish the old sink and cabinet.

Discovered that Rod had not completely turned off the water so the floor and wall were soaked.

Put a fan in the bathroom for two days hoping that wall would dry.

Realize that the wall is NOT going to dry and has to be removed and replaced.

Replace drywall and refinish.

Put project off for a week or so.

Sand and paint wall to match the rest of the wall.

Put in new cabinet.

Discover that the new sink/counter does not match up drain wise under the sink.

Make trip to HD to get new drain pieces and replacement supply hoses to replace the plastic ones.

Put project off for a few days.

Install new faucet on sink.

Realize that the new faucet that we bought does not have an overflow on it.

Uninstall new faucet and put it back in the box.

Install old faucet on sink and decide that I will just fix the faucet.

Use cool new drain piece that is flexible and will not require cutting and remaking the whole drain.

Hook up water supply lines.

Turn on cold water supply knob.

Turn on faucet.

Discover P-trap is dripping and so is cool new piece.

Decide that since all is connected we might as well make sure the hot water supply line is working.

Turn on hot water supply.

Discover that was a BIG mistake as water starts spraying everywhere!!

Turn off water quickly.

Go to disconnect water supply line and it breaks off in the hose.

Caulk the sink while it's clean so that it's finished.

Put project off for a few more days.

Go to HD and buy new supply spigot for hot water.

Put project off for a few more days.

Hang mirror so that it at least LOOKS like it works.

Put project off for a few mroe days.

Get motivated to finish the project.

Take hot water supply spigot off and discover that we didn't buy the new piece.

Make a trip to HD to get hot AND cold water supply spigots since the hot one is NASTY inside.

Install new hoses and water supply spigots.

Turn on water.

Discover that the hot and cold spigots are leaking AND yes the drain still leaks and the faucet still drips.

Leave the mess for Rod to deal with.

Rod heads in the same evening now 30+ days into the new sink being installed to work on the sink at midnight.

Removes hot and cold water spigots, cleans the pipes, adds the tape stuff and reinstalls the water supply spigots.

Takes drain apart and in the process takes apart the part that is attached to the sink which mind you did NOT leak!

puts drain back together and discovers that the drain still leaks and now the part connected to the sink does also.

Fixes the part that connects to the sink and leaves the drain for another day.

Put project off for a week.

Take faucet apart to get the pieces to replace in the knobs so that the faucet will stop dripping AND take the drain apart.

Go to HD to get new pieces.

Discover they are having a workshop on making a garden path which I want in the front yard.

Attend workshop and win a citronella candle.

Attempt to find help in the plumbing isle.

Give up and find all the pieces myself.

Head home and put bag on the couch as I'm tired and don't feel like doing it.

Put project off until tomorrow.

Install pieces into faucet and put faucet back together.

Put all the new drain pieces together including a washer in the cool new piece.

Hold breath and turn on water.


No spraying.

No dripping.

No leaking.

Jump for joy that the sink is FINALLY in usable condition with no water coming out of anything EXCEPT the faucet when you turn it on!!

Wonder when we start the next sink.


Anonymous said...

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Bathroom Sink said...


It does look great.

I am glad that you did the job yourself.

It looks very professional.