Thursday, May 24, 2007

Makkiah's Surgery

Makkiah had his sinus surgery today.

We got there around 9:15am and did all of his pre-op stuff.

10:35am he headed back to the OR with his awesome OR team.

11:45am his doctor came out to let us know that all had gone well.

His anatomy is a little different than normal and he had what they call a "bubble".

His "bubble" had grown out and was blocking his sinus cavity on the right side. When they opened the sinus cavity it had emptied of the infection prior to the surgery and was just inflammed which was great news to hear.

They put some gel in the sinus cavity that will dissolve over time and helps with the bleeding.

By 12:15 he was on room air and around 12:30 they Rod and I come back to the PACU to see him. He was still pretty groggy but slowly waking up.

By 1pm we were on the same day surgery floor and he was more awake. He ate some graham cracker and had apple juice.

By 3pm we were headed home with nasal covering in place. He was still unsteady on his feet and got a wheelchair ride down to the car.

By the time we left for the Awards ceremony he was ready to go. I wasn't to sure about taking him but he was excited to see if he had won anything.


Amah said...

I'm so glad that they all won a prize. I know they looked forward to it for a long time.

Amah said...

Other than the nasal covering - you'd never even known that he had surgery. Try to keep a 6 yr old down!!! Especially when he doesn't think there is anything wrong!!

Sharen said...

Please pass my congradulations along to all the prize winners! Wow, every one of your children are so articulate! You do a wonderful job parenting, S'te and Rod!

Aunt Sharen