Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My 30th Birthday

Today was my 30th Birthday!!

"People" try to tell me I'm getting old, but they were there first!

Poppa was in Florida but he called to tell me Happy Birthday. He says I'm not getting older, I'm getting better! I tend to agree.

Rod was underway but he also called to wish me a Happy Birthday.

Mom and Makkiah baked me a cake and it was yummy.

All the kids got me gifts. After dinner I got to open all of my gifts. Makkiah worked REALLY hard on my gift. He got me a nightshirt that says "Best dog-gone Mom". He also got me a "bedtime hat". I am not a hat person but everyone, including my precious son, seems to think I should wear one. Wonder what they are trying to tell me?
Tyreque was out getting job applications so he didn't make it for the party and missed the picture. He came in after we had finished the festivities and no I did not wait for him before I opened his gift!

All in all the kids did a really good job choosing gifts. I got lots of chocolate, ice cream, foot rub cream, shampoo & conditioner, some age defying lotion, sudoku puzzles, bubble bath, lip balm, nightshirt & nighthat, spa brush, scrubby thing, and a movie.


Amah said...

One thing about it - you only get to be 30 once!! Happy Birthday.

lumpyhand said...

Hey there,

I agree with the kids - you look great in the hat:)

Sharen said...

A new hat lady! Yeah! Good to hear you had a good 30th B-day! Lots of loot and shared with family!

Love you!

Aunt Sharen