Wednesday, June 06, 2007

School Play

The fourth and fifth graders in Building 1 do a school play. This year the name of the play was "Team Me Up". 9 kids had to work together to finish a project that was assigned to them by the teacher. The problem was that there were three "groups" of kids - the nerds, the athletes, and the actors so none of them understood each other.
Each class sang a song from days gone by. Then some of the songs were sang by a combination of classes. It really was a fun show to watch. Even Tete did pretty good through it.
Rod was out to sea so he didn't get to watch it. I did buy the DVD though so he will be able to watch it when it comes in.

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Amah said...

The play was great. I am looking forward to watching the dvd also - so I can see what I missed. I enjoyed singing the songs along with the cast - they were from my "era" LOL