Thursday, June 21, 2007

Brayana's 5th Grade Promotion

Today was Brayana's 5th Grade Promotion.

The day started out with Dr Parsons greeting all the parents and family. Then all of the 5th graders were brought into the auditorium.
Each class had 2-3 speakers who talked about their teachers.

After the class speakers they presented awards to the top students and then

FINALLY they gave out the promotion certificates.

Brayana's class was the last class to go. By that time I had a ton of parents who had decided that it was ok to come and stand in front of me.

The one that really got me was the guy who came to talk to someone right in front of me RIGHT before it was Brayana's turn to cross the stage.

Mom yelled at him to get down before I could say anything. She must have seen him coming.


Marsha said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!! We Love you!

Amah said...

Congrats for gettting into middle school!! The tall people should have to stand in the back!!