Sunday, June 17, 2007

Destini's 10th Birthday

Today is Destini's 10th Birthday!!

She's been waiting for this birthday for a while now.

10 years old in this house means that you get a razor and shaving cream.

She is just beside herself with the knowledge that she will be getting one.

She's asked me everyday for the last week if she can shave yet!

Not until she is 10 - not a week before or a day before.

Honestly I'm not sure WHAT she is going to shave.

The hair on her legs are super light but she says that her friends look at them.

With Ladaria and Brayana it was a little different since they both had lots of dark hair on their legs.

She is definetly my "girly girl" though, the DIVA, the hair needs to be "perfect" girl.

The last year has brought her a long ways and I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

She's finishing up 4th grade. She likes school but I think it's more for the social aspect than the learning aspect.

If she could go to school to chat with friends and play she would be happy. Throw in a little art and life would be grand.

Darn teachers actually expect her to do work! What a travesty as far as she is concerned.

I think the fact that Jaleel is passing her up in reading is helping in that realm.

Some day she will make an awesome lawyer!

If you don't know the exact question to ask her you aren't getting any information from her. Unless it's a secret that someone doesn't want told!

She is unique, she is fun, she is dramatic, she is DESTINI and she is 10!!!!


Marsha said...

Hey wait no invite for cake either. You got some splaining to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amah said...

She sure is!!! Everything you said. You've described her wonderfully.

Anonymous said...

my birthday was on the same day and that is similar to my party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOAH!!!