Thursday, October 20, 2005

Toilet troubles

I went this morning and got the toilet in the condo fixed. It took me 20 minutes after having the water turned off to change the compression fitting and put on the new hose. I'm getting pretty good at those fittings!

I also spent 2 hours ironing the wax out of the carpet. For the most part all of the wax came out. In one spot there is a yellow ring where the wax was. After I vacuum we will see if it is still noticable.

I also cleaned all the mirrors in the condo. My Mom sure does like mirrors!!

I came home to another of my toilets plugged so I got to play plumber at home as well. I'm getting REALLY tired of the plumbing issues in my house. I can't wait until we can fix it.

1 comment:

Ahma said...

Master of all trades!!! That's my baby:) God may have a new house in store for you - you just have to wait and see!!