Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My house!

My Mom sent me one of the first pictures that she took of our house. The lattice enclosed the front porches both upstairs and downstairs. Behind the lattice downstairs are stained glass windows. The security doors let you onto the porch and then there were also security doors on the doors INSIDE the porches. You had to go through two security doors to get into the house. ALL the doors on the house had security doors and if that wasn't bad enough, they actually had security doors on some of the doors INSIDE.

Our first project was to take down the lattice. Rod and I thought it was REALLY ugly and personally I like light. So down it came and we put up the porch railings.
We had to put up a new support post for the porch in order to take down the lattice and plywood to the right of the screen door. Amah and Poppa came during this project so Rod and Poppa enclosed the storage area in the front of the house and finished the porch rails.
This isn't a very good picture but the porch is complete, the front window and door have been replaced and the storage area has been enclosed. The big thing is NO MORE LATTICE!!

The house has now been primered and looks like this.


Amah said...

It most certainly has changed with all the work and sweat that you guys have put into it. I have a little "Brag Book" with this picture on the front and pics of all the transformations it has gone thru. Lots of hard work. Good thing you guys are still young!!

Amah said...

I'm still waiting for a photo of the progress and of the new kitty!!

Sharen & Mitch said...

The house is coming along great! Your projects are so much grander in scale than my landscaping deals! Your neighbors have to be pleased the Elmore family took over the site! I agree...primer alone was an improvement!