Sunday, October 09, 2005

New Kitten

Last week one of our three cats was hit by a car. Most likely it was the neighbor who drives down our driveway to fast. She was only 6 months old. The next day our second kitten disappeared. We don't know if he went looking for her or if something else happened to him. That left us with one kitten - Carmel - out of the 4 that we started with (one was really sick and died shortly after we found them in our storage shed). Poor Carmel was beside himself as he didn't have the other two to keep him company so he has spent the week following me around like a "lost puppy". I felt so bad for him. So our neighbor brought us a new kitten. She is about 8 weeks old and mostly black. She has some white hairs interspered in the black but not many. She loves to play and do cute kitten things. I thought I would post a picture of her for everyone to see. She doesn't hold still for long so I couldn't get a very good picture but here she is- In the pic she is trying to get a drink our of my glass. She kept getting water in her nose though. When I get a better pic of her I will put it on Flickr.

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Sharen & Mitch said...

Looks like our Remmington did at that age! He came from under the porch step right after his eyes opened. We never saw a momma cat. He had a brother that wandered off like your #3! Kittens are great