Sunday, October 23, 2005

Porch swing woes

I got my new porch swing in the mail. Well not exactly in the mailbox but it was delivered and I couldn't wait to get it hung. First though I had to get stuff at the condo done so my swing had to wait. Today after church we were able to hang the swing.

Rod got up and drilled the holes and installed the eye bolts to hang the swing.

I had the swing all put together and we were able to hang it once the eye bolts were in. It looked pretty good. Just a little crooked.

We used the chains that came with the swing. You really don't have any choice as they are attached to the bolts that hold the swing together. It doesn't look to bad until you look at the whole picture!

We decided that maybe we needed lo lower the swing just bit! So off on yet another trip to Home Depot to get some more chains. After some minor chain tweeking the final project outcome.

I can tell that it's going to be one of my favorite places to be. Especially when it rains. I can sit out on the porch, swing and listen to the rain. One of my favorite sounds!

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Ahma said...

Good thing you are married to such a good carpenter!!! With lots of patience :) Things are looking great there. Just compare this with the first one!!