Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mom's Condo

I FINALLY got Mom's tenant out of the condo. I say FINALLY because it took me since July to do it. The sheriff's deputies showed up a 8:30 am on Thursday the 13th and she was STILL moving stuff out. She didn't have any electricity for 2 months and didn't clean out the fridge. It STINKS. She moved out by candle light and dripped wax on the carpet, did I mention that it was new carpet. She painted some walls and started to paint them back but I guess that she ran out of time. She started a fire in December so that damage needs to be cleaned up. There was super glue in the locks. The thermostat needs replaced so that the heater can be turned on. Oh and did I mention that the toilet wasn't working. Well not exactly not working but it had a leak so instead of calling me to tell me that it was leaking she just turned off the water. Now that wouldn't be so bad if they had stopped using the toilet but that DIDN'T happen. YUCK!!! So tomorrow morning I will have the water to the entire building turned off so that I can replace the compression fitting and fix the toilet. Hopefully I don't need a plumber after that to unclog the pipe. OH that's right, I need a plumber at MY house to unclog the pipe for the umpteenth time this year. UGH!! So you see I have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. I'm trying to get it all done before the first as we are hoping to rent it or sell it.

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Amah said...

Saw the new pictures! Glad that you are there to do all that with the Condo! We are at Little Ocmulgee State Park until at least Sunday - what a time to try and go home!!