Friday, October 28, 2005

Perpetual motion

I don't think that the child ever stops. I wonder if he stops when he sleeps?

I took Jaleel to the doctor for a physical. All was well for the first 10 minutes. Now anybody who has ever been to the pediatrician knows that it takes much more than 10 minutes to even be seen.

The first 10 minutes were spent in the waiting room. The next 10 minutes in the exam room waiting for the doctor. WHY do they put a parent in that little tiny room to WAIT for the doctor AND they close the door?

He spun on the stool, he did jumping jacks, he sat, he stood, he jumped, and then he repeated. I think he used more energy than I do all day!

I went out to make an appt to bring in the paperwork from the school to evaluate him for ADHD (suprise) and they were able to squeeze Taniyah in for her 9 month well baby appt (thanks to whoever decided not to show up for their appt, one less time that I have to make the trip:-).

We had to wait another 10 minutes in the waiting room before we were called back the second time. I feel sorry for the poor lady in the waiting room who choose to talk to him about how many teeth Taniyah had.

He counted how many teeth he had in his mouth for her AND he did push ups for her AND he talked about this and that. Then they called us back to another small room. I really think that it's a test to see if us parents are sane or not! If you don't last then they know that you need help as well!!!

During Taniyah's wait he did the can-can, and washed his hands, and did the robot and flew the butterfly.

Took him to the lab to frop off his urine sample, went and picked up the other 3 little ones from the sitter and then took Jaleel back to school. There was only an hour left but I needed a BREAK!

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Amah said...

Him and Kia are much the same. And I love you fropping off the sample!! What a great typo!!