Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Erin and Tom's Wedding

I've been meaning to post these two collages that I made of pictures taken at Tom and Erin's wedding but I forgot about it and then didn't seem to have the time. The wedding ceremony was wonderful and included Erin's brother Brian suprising them. He flew all the way from Iraq and niether Erin nor her Mom knew that he was there until she was ready to walk down the isle. All we heard was screaming from the back. Then he went down the side of the church and suprised Erin's Mom which was followed by more screaming. He only got to stay a few days but I know that Erin was so excited to have him there. After the ceremony we all went to the reception. The theme was Mardi Gras. There were tons of beads, masks, hats, candy, and assorted items decorating the table. Everybody had a blast dancing and eating. All the kids enjoyed themselves. People kept bringing us more and more beads. Ellie and decided that we should model some of them and somebody took a picture of it. We stayed for several hours before deciding that we should take the kids home to bed. A few of the kids were walking zombies by that point. We got everybody loaded up and headed for home and Ellie decided that it was the perfect time to have a party hangover and started throwing up. Really it was the start to a bug that went around and hit most of the family. YUCK! Glad she waited until AFTER the wedding.

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Sharen & Mitch said...

I want one of the masks! They make everything look so bizarre! Thank you for sharing the pictures S'te!
The children all look bueatiful.
Love you all!