Sunday, October 30, 2005

She's not just spoiled!

Taniyah had a shot on Friday that they were out of at her 6 month appt. Since they had it in when we went to Jaleel's appt on Friday they gave it to her before his appt.
Friday night we went to pizza and bingo at the church and she was really fussy. She didn't want anyone to touch her leg and she would cry anytime it was moved. We came home and put a warm compress in it although we couldn't see anything on her leg.
Saturday I was at the condo painting (story of my life right now!!!-painting that is) and Mom called. She said that Taniyah might just be a bit spoiled. I say that she is "well loved" but she has been awfully fussy after this last shot. She didn't want to stand on it or move it.
This morning I looked at her leg and it looked like a large bruise under the skin but still not really noticable. Well this evening I checked it out again and she has this large red "patch" on her leg. I took a picture of it so that I can show the doctor as well as Ahma. I think her leg really was bothering her- even if she is well loved!!!

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Amah said...

Very,very,very well loved. By all!