Saturday, August 05, 2006


HE'S HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got up at 6am to get ready to go down to the pier.

All the kids were so excited and so was I.

Everyone got ready and we left for the pier around 8am.

We got there and had no problem finding parking.

They had sectioned of parking for us and it was really nice.

They had donuts, coffee, juice, crafts, sign making, and Sea World Animals.

They handed out flags, pom-poms, and braclets.

We were all ready for the ship to come in.

We saw the tugs coming and everyone got excited.

It wasn't our ship!

They brought in the visiting ships first!!

What a bummer!

We got word that the ship was passing under the bridge.

Then they announced that the ship was 20 minutes out.

Less than 5 minutes later we see the tugs again.

And then we saw our ship!!! YAY!!!

After mooring the ship they let us onto the pier and we found Rod.

Taniyah waved, waved her flag and blew Rod kisses.

She was so excited to see him!!

After what seemed like forever he came off and we headed home.

And we were finally together as a family!!!

(Click on this picture to see all of the homecoming pictures)

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Amah said...

So glad your family is complete again. Everyone looks very happy. Welcome home Rod!!