Thursday, August 03, 2006



We made it.

Tomorrow morning the ship will be pulling in!!!!

I'm excited!!!

Can you tell?!?

Today has been a long day.

Got up at 6:30 to take Ladaria to the school to pick up her registration packet.

Tyreque stayed at a friends house last night so he met us at the school.

They got their stuff and Tyreque was SUPPOSED to go back to his friend's house, eat and come home.

Ladaria and I went back to the house and got Mom so that we could go to Curves.

We went and did our workout and stopped at the grocery store.

I was hoping to make it to the commissary but knew that it wouldn't happen!

Went home and finished up some stuff there and washed the van.

It was still raining some but I knew that I wouldn't have time later to do it.

Finished that and took Ahma and Poppa to the airport.

They are headed back to Florida AGAIN.

We'll see how long they stay this time!!

From the airport I headed over to the pier.

We hung the banners that we made and then took the last one down to the walking bridge and put it up.

I had to climb up on the fence to attach it with zipties!!

The fence was filthy but I got up there and did it.

I wouldn't go over the fence to pull the bottom of the sign down.

It's scary up there above all those cars!!

From the pier I came home and fed kids dinner before heading off to the church.

There's a conference tonight and Ladaria is doing childcare so I took her down there.

While I was down there I redid two of the bulletin boards and they look so much better.

Came back home and Tyreque showed up.

Said he lost track of time and didn't realized that it was Thursday.

Didn't try to make excuses.

Said he should have been home earlier.

Now I'm off to pick up Ladaria and Lauren from the church and attempt to the windows in the dark!!

It FINALLY stopped raining!!

Tomorrow's update will be AFTER Rod gets home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Amah said...

Thanks for having him call me when you got home. I was worried. I don't want to spend 20 more years waiting for a child to come home!!

Rod should be home by now. WELCOME BACK