Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Day 95!! 3 days left!!

Do you see that?

No really do you see it?

Today Ladaria and I went over to the church and cleaned out rooms.

We cleaned out cabinets and shelves and cubbies.

We threw our crumpled paper and moldy cups and rotten grapes.

Curdled bottles and broken crayons and topless markers.

Broken cabinets and empty boxes and broken toys.

Lots and lots of stuff!

Cause I'm not scared to throw stuff away!!

We spent most of the day doing that and then moving the rooms around.

We've rearranged the rooms so that we have the 0-2 and 3-5 year olds in rooms next to each other while we work on the Nursery.

We are going to put in new cabinets and counters.

Then we are going to paint it in a Noah's Ark theme.

It will look good when it's done!

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