Monday, August 28, 2006

Surgery and Back to school Night

We started our day out by getting everyone ready for school.

Then we got Makkiah and Taniyah ready to go.

Took Tete to the babysitter and headed for the hospital.

The case before Mak's cancelled so they asked us to get there as soon as we could.

We got there about 9:30, me the team that would be caring for him and gave his some versed.

They took him back to surgery at 10:30 which was the time we were originally supposed to be there.

Surgery lasted about an hour.

1.5 after surgery

The doctor came out and told us that the surgery went well.

They felt that they were able to get everything and the incision was closed nicely.

He said that they would be out in a few minutes to get us to go to recovery.

An hour later they finally came and got us.

I was starting to get worried that something had happened.

He was just sleeping but the nurse decided to have us come back anyway.

Sleepy boy

I guess he takes after his Dad in that sense cause Rod did the same thing when he had some teeth pulled!

After he was fully awake he had some apple juice and we went to the Same Day Surgery floor.

We stayed there while Rod went to get his meds from the pharmacy.

He drank some juice, had a popsicle, ate some crackers and got up to potty twice before Rod came back.

By the time Rod got back Mak was ready to go EAT!

We stopped at the Subway downstairs and he ate really well.

I was so proud of him and things really did go so well.

We also went the Jaleel and Mak's back to school night.

Met their teachers and got all the info that we needed for the time being.

Tomorrow is Brayana and Destini's night.


chel said...

St'e - I'm so glad all is well I've been thinking about you guys and wondering how things went. That's for keeping the blogging world posted:-) It's really stressfull when our little ones are in the hospital. ((((hugs)))

Amah said...

Howdy from Georgia!! What a brave Man. I'm so relieved that he came thru so well. And to recover soooo fast. Give him huge hugs from us.

How'd Kiah's teacher decided what she needs to teach him? I'm really curious. He will be bored and starting trouble in no time LOL