Saturday, August 12, 2006


Brayana hates to brush her hair or have her hair brushed.

I finally got tired of it and gave her a haircut!

She desperatly needed one but was not thrilled about the prospect.

I cut it to about shoulder length.

I think it looks really cute but she wasn't so sure!

Can you tell that she's really enthused with the idea!!

08112006 016

In the end she agreed that she liked it and it was so much easier to comb through.

The bottom layer I cut about 3 inches off and by the top layer I was cutting stragglers so it was time for a cut!!


Amah said...

That is a Naner exclusive!!! What a look. I'm sure that it will be much easier to care for. I wanted to do it when I "trimmed" it in June but she was having a cow about what I did take off. Glad you got it under control :) hehehehe

O_Scientist said...

LOL, she looks thrilled :D

We have had a bunch of hair cuts here over the last few days, but they were mostly done and initiated by the kids themselves.